Work with text

You can modify content and attributes of a text box by editing the text box content, or by using the Text attributes panel. 

Edit text box content

Edit content in the text box by double-clicking on the text box, and typing in new text.

Edit text box content by tapping twice on the text box

Reposition a text box

Reposition a text box on the canvas simply by dragging it to a new position.

Reposition a text box by dragging it on the canvas

Resize a text box

You can also resize the available area in a text box by clicking on the text box, and then dragging the handles that appear across the canvas.

Resize a textbox using its handles

Rotate text

A text box can be rotated by dragging the rotation handle across the canvas. The rotation handle is positioned above the text box.

Rotate the textbox by using the rotate handle above the text box

Change text attributes

In the Text attributes panel, you can change other properties of the text in the text box, including:

  • Font family - Change the font face by selecting a new one from the drop down box
  • Font size - Change the size on the font by selecting a new size from the drop down box
  • Font color - Change the font color by selecting a new color from the color palette, or by entering a custom hex value
  • Text alignment - Change the text alignment to left-aligned, center-aligned or right-aligned
  • Line height - Change the spacing in between lines
Use the Text attributes panel to adjust font family, font size, font color, or text alignment

Delete a text box

Delete a text box by either:

  • Selecting the text box outline and pressing the Delete key on the keyboard
  • Selecting the text box and pressing the trash can icon in the Text attributes panel