Update your profile info

You can update your profile information, including your email address, account password, and mobile phone (to receive text message notifications) from the Profile page.

Edit first/last name

To change your first/last name, update the appropriate field and then press Save.

Edit information on your profile, including your first and last name

Update email address

To change your email address, press the Update email button, enter your updated email address, and press Next. You'll be sent a confirmation code to the updated email address. Then, to confirm your email, enter that confirmation code and press Save. If you don't confirm your email by entering a confirmation code, you may not be able to receive notifications correctly from Storylava.

Change your email by pressing Update email and entering in a confirmation code

Reset password

To reset your password, begin by pressing the Reset password button. Next, enter the email address you use to sign into Storylava and press Next. You'll be sent a confirmation code to your email. Then, enter that confirmation code, your new password, and a re-entry of your new password - paying attention to the strong password guidelines on the screen. To save your new password, press Save.

Update mobile number

To update your mobile number, see Confirm your mobile phone