Sign in to Storylava

When you receive your Storylava welcome email from your account administrator, use the details in the email to sign in to your Storylava account

Find your welcome email

Your organization's administrator will add you to their Storylava group, which will send a welcome email similar to the one below. Use the details in the email to sign in to your Storylava account. 

The Storylava welcome email contains details you'll need to sign in

Sign into the console

To sign in, navigate to the Storylava console, enter the email address and password found in your welcome email, and tap Sign in. When you sign in for the first time, you'll be prompted to change your password from the temporary one that was provided to you in the welcome email. 

At the Storylava console sign in page, enter the credentials provided in your welcome email and change your password

Potential issues

Welcome email not sending

If a welcome email didn't arrive, do the following:

  • For Storylava users - Contact your organization's administrator to re-add you to your group's account
  • For Storylava admins - Contact Storylava support

Forgot password

If you can't remember your password, you can follow the instructions in Reset password