Export and share images

Rapidly share your canvas content on social media with only a few clicks.

Export your image

Render and export your image for sharing simply by pressing the Share button adjacent to the canvas.

Share your image

After your image renders and uploads to the cloud, you can rapidly share it on a variety of social networks, or download it for other uses. Tap the social network icons to do the following:

  • Facebook - Share directly to your timeline, with a rendered preview image
  • Twitter - Post a tweet with a rendered preview image from your canvas. (Note: the rendered image will initially display as a link, but will convert to an image tweet when posted)
  • Instagram / Snapchat / Tiktok - Download your image to your device and then share using these apps
  • Download - Download your image to your device to share via text message or other means
Export and share your image on social networks with only a few clicks