Save a new template

Save a new template to be used, modified and the resulting image shared by others within your organization. Or save a template just for your own personal use.

Press Save template

To save a template, make sure you have content on your canvas that you'd like to share, whether it's new content you've designed or an existing template that you've modified. Then press the Edit Template button with the pencil icon.

Press the Edit Template button with the pencil icon to save your template.

Save as new template

By default, Save as New subtab is selected, which will save your canvas as a new template.

The Save as new template subtab is selected by default.

Edit current template

To edit the current template, see Edit Template

Delete current template

To delete the current template, see Delete Template

Add a name

Give your template a name so that you can identify it in other contexts (for example, when sending a notification).

Add tags

Add tags to your template to help others find it easily when searching.

Determine template access

To learn about controlling access to your template, including public and private options, see Choose a template access level

Template elements

If check the Save as template elements box, your canvas will be available to other users to insert into their canvas when selected, instead of replacing the entire canvas. This is useful when creating sticker-like experiences that overlay on to your canvas.

See the new template

Once the template has successfully been saved, it will appear in Templates section of the left sidebar. To load the template into the canvas, simply click on it. (See Load an existing template for more details.)