Create a new post for followers

You can create a new post for your followers and other users in your organization. This post can contain a message for them, along with a link to a template you've published on Storylava. These posts display in user's feeds when they sign in to Storylava, and can also be sent to their email addresses and mobile phones (via text message).

Enter post content

To publish a new post, press the New post button (notepad icon) in the sidebar. Then, in the Post Content field, enter the message you'd like displayed in the user's feed. This same content will be sent via email or text message if enabled and selected.

Link to a template

If you'd like to link the user directly to a template, select the template name from the Template link field. A thumbnail image of the template will appear as a preview.

Alert users via email or SMS

To alert users about your post, you can select Send email or Send SMS. If your account is enabled with this option, and your followers have opted-in with a confirmed email/mobile number, they will receive your notification content, along with a direct link to view and modify the included template content (if the Template link option is selected)

Create a post to let your followers know of new templates, and send notifications via email/SMS