Load an existing template

You can select a template to load using different ways, and then customize it so you can post on social media.

Load a template you've created

You can load a template you've created. Using the Templates section at the top, tap the image thumbnail of the template you'd like to load. After tapping on the image thumbnail, the template will load into the canvas.

Tap on the template image thumbnail to load the template into the canvas

Search for templates

You can also search for a template using keywords using the Social tab. To search, press the Social tab. Then enter the keyword you wish to search for and press the magnifying glass button (or the Enter key). Templates that match your search will appear below the search box. To load a template, press its thumbnail image. To clear your search, press the X icon located inside the search box.

Search for templates by keyword using the search box

Load a template from your social feed

You can load templates that appear in your social feed. To load one of these templates, press the Social tab and make sure to clear the search field by pressing the X inside the search box. Templates of designers you follow, as well as those from your company will then be displayed. To load the template, press on the image thumbnail. To learn how to follow a designer so that their templates appear in your feed, go to Follow a Designer.

Load a template from your feed by pressing them image thumbnail