Add new users to your account

From the Account Users page, account administrators can add users to their organization's account.

Add users

To add users to your organization's Storylava account, which allows them to view your templates, navigate to the Account Users page and tap the Add Users button. Add the new user's first name, last name, and email address, and then press Save. The new users you add to your account will be sent a welcome email (shown on the Sign in to Storylava article), and can sign in and view templates.

Tap on the Add Users button to give access to Storylava to a new member or your organization

Edit or remove users

To edit or remove users from your organization's account, see Change or remove users in your account

Perform multiple actions at once

You can also perform multiple actions (add users, edit users, and remove users) in one batch update. To do this, make your add/edit/delete changes on the users in your account, and then press the Save button.